An Elephant was Electrocuted Last Night


A gentle giant was electrocuted last night after he hit the electric fence that was set up by Kirirom hydropower, 3 kilometers from Kirirom National Park, near an area where our rangers patrol. Locals called our rangers for help.

Elephants may be one of the largest and strongest creatures in the animal kingdom but they are no match for an electric fence as one mammal was found dead on Tuesday night. The local villagers are mourning the gentle giant. RIP

Wildlife Alliance is transporting the elephant to our Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center today. A funeral will be held tomorrow morning with monks chanting at the Center. If you wish to donate please visit go to, then click on "Care for Rescued Animals" button. Thank you for your support.

Thanks to our rangers from Chambok Ranger Patrol Station, SreAmbel Ranger Patrol Station to the site.